16665 NW Krome Ave, Hialeah, FL 33018

Riding Fee
Members: $30
Non-Members: $40

Spectator Fee
Spectator: $5

Dirt Bike &  Gear Rentals
Two Hrs: $200 plus tax
Six Hours: $300 plus tax

Private Lessons
Two Hrs: $150 (Without Dirtbike Rental)
Two Hrs: $350 (With Dirtbike Rental)



Members have options to ride any day of the week provided they guarantee at least five riders. The track will be available only if you call and if its available to rent. 48 hours notice is required. This offer does not apply to nonmembers. (Nonmembers cannot rent track).

Track will be groomed Wednesday, Saturdays, and Sundays. The rest of the days the track will not be groomed, so if you rent the track on different days it will NOT be groomed.

Members rates will apply to the weekdays as well.

Membership riding fee is $30.

Nonmember riding fee is $40.

Annual membership is $150.

If your membership is still active and expires in 2019, you will pay prorated amount when you renew membership. For eample, if your membership expires March 31, 2019, your membereship will cost $90.


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